Wedding Gown rental

Best Tips on Finding Best Wedding Gowns‏ in Singapore

So you just got proposed and you are looking for the most beautiful wedding gown now. There are many gowns in Singapore and wherever you turn your head to, they all costs a bomb. However if you are on a tight budget, you think that it is highly impossible to get the best gown you can afford, don’t lose heart. This article will show you how to really find those wedding gowns on a tight budget in Singapore!

You just need to dig deeper.
Seasonal Sale

Seasonal sale! Christmas! New Year Sale! Mid Year Sale! National Day! Independence Day! Usually, in most countries, merchants and retail shops will roll out attractive sales in accordance to their holiday periods. Some could be in accordance to their festive season, while some can be due to promotional periods to boost tourism.

Notice the promotional period in your country, or other countries if you are set your eyes on a certain brand of wedding gown. Sometimes, to rent wedding gown in singapore can be cheaper. You really never know when these sales roll out, what kind of discounts and value you can really get.

So get your eyes up and get a good sense of when the sale is going on and you will surely get a good deal.

Wedding Gown rental
Wedding Fairs
Many times, there will be fairs that mostly have merchants in the wedding industry for consumers to go to. These fairs consists of many wedding businesses which provides everything you need to have a beautiful wedding experience. Chances are the majority of these fairs are taken up by bridal studios which may or may not provide a one stop wedding gown, photography and videography service.

You will undoubtedly get the most value when you sign up for a bridal package in these fairs. Wedding gown rentings in Singapore often happens among brides and really is not that much of a big hassle. But do note, walk around and see every bridal merchants before settling down for one. Sit down and talk to them, take a few days if needed. Do not be in a hurry to sign and settle on one because you really never know what you will get if you think and consider properly and open your doors.

When you find a gown from those fairs, see if you can negotiate for more value that comes with the package. There will be tons of designs on the gowns and you will be spoilt for choice.

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Why you should have a Professional Wedding Videographer

In this era of smartphones and self-taken pictures and videos, it is easy to think that videography services are no longer necessary. However, if you are getting married you need to be careful.

Knowledge and Expertise

It is one thing to take amateur pictures, and quite another to take professional images of any kind. Professionals doing wedding videography in Singapore know what works and what does not. They have the right skill set necessary to provide you with wedding pictures that you will be proud of. To put it simply, the professionals know what they are doing. Check out this post to find out tips on how you can take your wedding videography in singapore to the next level!

Wedding videography tips

Technology has come a long way since the days of white and black moving pictures and Kodak cameras. We are not in those days anymore. Video-making equipment has gotten more sophisticated by the day. You now need a high level of technical skill to handle the equipment without damaging anything. Do you have those skills? Do you know what equipment to use, when it use it, and how to utilize it to your advantage? Professional videographers can do that because it is their job. They are updated on the best equipment required for different locations and lighting scenarios, which is why you should hire them.

Your wedding day is the one day that needs to be perfect. If you experiment with videography on that day, you will have no high-quality images to look back on. Is that what you want?

Wedding videography tips

Time and Energy

Hiring a professional videographer is a great way to outsource your stress. By paying for videography services, you will be able to relax and interact with your guests. Someone else will deal with getting the best images of your wedding day.

Please consider having a special wedding film if you want to stand out and enjoy and look back and smile, when many years have passed, because a wedding video will surely bring back a lot of fond memories of your big day.

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Wedding bands

Wedding Band Ideas

Thinking of getting a wedding band?

There are literally millions of wedding tting designs to fit all styles, characcters, ideas and whatever designs you have in mind. From transformer rings to elegant high classed expensive ones.

However, as wedding is a once in a life event, we highly recommend choosing something unique and those that represents you.

Wedding bands

Special Wedding Bands
Antique wedding bands usually have diamonds, emeralds or rubies embedded in them. It is considered a privilege by brides who get to wear rings that were once worn by celebrities, ladies of royal families or queens. Since the heritage and culture of the past is represented by antique and traditional wedding bands while they have unique styles and designs, so these bands are highly in demand.

Custom-Made &/Or Engraved Wedding Bands
Often, grooms get the name of their bride engraved on their wedding band as a result of which a more sensitive touch is added to the ring. Brides and grooms might also choose to give their wedding bands a unique look by getting each others’ initials engraved on the outer or inner side of the band. Many couples even go for custom-made wedding bands or design their own. Couples who choose to get custom-made wedding bands have to keep in mind that these bands are personalized so returning them can be difficult once these bands have been made. The uniqueness of these wedding bands can also be emphasizes if matching wedding gowns are designed. For couples who live in towns where there are not enough craftsmen and jewelry shops to choose from, they can even buy their wedding bands online.



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